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We have been around for over 9 years and the website 7 years. A lot of members have shifted around and have a lot more responsibilities but as a leader, I won't just let the community slow down! We are ERCGaming! So the plan is to think of some events to host for the community and some new or old games to step back into so we can clan war again.

Do you have any ideas? They do not have to be FPS or MMORPG but something you think we can have a good time while playing together.

We have made a soft switch to Curse voice "search ERCGaming" but we also

We have our first game server up and running and after a few maintenance's, it will be running with some more mods and functions. The MineCraft server "ER MC1" Is the first of a few MineCraft servers to be hosted by ERCGaming but we will do our best to get this one running well and increase slots before we start on another. 

The ER MC1 server is a MineCraft Survival server with a few functions like Clans, no TnT, anti-griefing, voting for diamonds, starter packs, donation rewards and much more coming soon. The ER MC1 server is open to the public now and the website has some features to see some information about the game such as top players,

A few ER members have been playing Rocket League on and off for a while now and the new hoops mode definitely provides a different experience for us without drifting too far off the style of Rocket League. We want to welcome any Rocket League players who play both casual or competitive to join us some time, we are currently ranked silver elite (Seed *cough) and gold 2. All players interested can join us in discord and message xSeed or HanAeri. The Discord information can be found on the servers page or the forum post.

We are happy to announce that Elites Reborn has returned and have come together to aim for both casual and eSports level of gameplay. We will start off by focusing on our Rainbow Six: Siege teams that will be split into divisions. These divisions will be split by the amount of time players have, rank in ranked pubs, in game stats and teamwork. We are recruiting nearly an unlimited amount of members but only the best of the clan will be added to main eSports teams. We are also openly looking for a pre-made team from EU to play under Elites Reborn EU. Contact me on twitter if you are interested @ercgaming and we can discuss it. 

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